Q1. What is the Difference Between Regular and Xtra Large?

The Xtra Large version of the 3D Night lamp has an approximately 27% Larger plate, which makes it about 8cm taller than the Regular.  The lamps work in exactly the same way. Dimensions shown below include the base.

Q2. What's inside the box?

 Inside the box you will find…

  1. The Printed Trophy Plate of your chosen design
  2. The Base Unit…
  3. Remote Control Unit…
  4. Micro USB cable
  5. Instruction leaflet…

 Q3. How Do I Set Up the 3D Lamp?


  1. Remove the brown protective film which protects the printed plate. 
  2. Push the plate down into the base as much as it will go. 
  3. Insert 3AA batteries or plug into any USB source.
  4. If using batteries, start with brand new batteries.
  5. Hold down the power button for 3 seconds to switch On or OFF

You can also simply watch the video below (apologies that it's showing a Liverpool lamp!) 👇

 Q4. How Does The 3D Night Lamp Work?

A flat piece of acrylic (a very hard plastic) is laser printed and precision-cut to a pattern that "appears" to be 3D when light shines through it. The light source comes from coloured LEDs that shine through the plastic and highlights the pattern to create a cool illusion.

Though the Night Lamp is a 3D illusion lamp and not an actual 3D shape, it still looks super cool when lit!  It is NOT a holographic either.

The lamp does not emit heat and is safe to use. 

 Q5. How Long Does Delivery Take?

We manufacture and dispatch the products directly from China. Despite the challenges caused by the Covid 19 Pandemic, we offer a Guaranteed 7-10-day delivery window with our trusted supplier to the UK and 10 - 15 days for all other destinations.

Full Package Tracking is available for every shipment and you can track your package here.

 Q6. Why Is My remote Not Working?

  1. First remove the little plastic film at the base of the remote that protects the battery from activation during transit.
  2. The remote is very directional, so aim it at the 3 little dots on the base.
  3. Be as close to the base as possible to the base.

Q7. Why is the Print on The Plate Reversed?

  1. Peel off the brown protective backing paper that is protecting the plate  during shipping, like you would peel off the backing of a sticker.
  2. Insert the Plate, with the side reading right and facing the Power Botton on top of the base. 

Q.8. How Do I Clean The Lamp?

You should take care not to let dust or scratches gather on the acrylic plate as this impacts the quality of the illusion. Periodically, simply "breathe" onto the plastic surface and wipe with a soft dry cloth...much like you do when cleaning spectacles. 


Q9. What About Returns?

Please check out our Refund Policy

Q10 . Can we Trust You?

Absolutely! Below is a summary of what makes us different from anyone else who might be selling the same goods as us. 


We pride ourselves in delivering The Best Customer Experience, from the moment you land on our website, all the way through ordering and post order processes. 

We place maximum emphasis and effort into our Total Quality Control practices to ensure our customers receive high quality products consistently.

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